• Luftaufnahmen Hochwasser Brugg

    Aerial pictures Brugg

  • Snowboarding in Japan

    Snowboarding in Japan

  • GoPro Hero4 4K Aerial Footage

    GoPro Hero4 4K Aerial Footage

  • Aerial Shots Bergturnfest

    Aerial Shots Bergturnfest

  • Timelapse of Building a Modulator
  • Castles of Canton Aargau

    Quadcopter Movie

  • GoPro Hero3+ Test – Hoch Ybrig

    Hero3+ & Snowboarding in Hoch Ybrig

  • First Quadcopter Flight Videos

    First Quadcopter Flight Videos

  • Snowboarden in Hoch Ybrig

    Snowboarden in Hoch Ybrig

  • Australia Impressions

    Australia Impressions

  • Weinlese Video

    Weinlese 2012

  • Portable Camera Slider

    Portable Slider Camera Dolly

  • Timelapse Zirkus Knie

    Timelapse Video vom Zeltaufbau des Zirkus Knie

  • Saas Fee Video Review

    Saas Fee Video Review

  • HDR Timelapse Video

    HDR Timelapse Project

  • Ein Tag im Schnee
  • David Vollenweider

    David Vollenweider Website

  • iPhone 4S Review

    Review of the new iPhone 4S for the swiss newspaper "Tagesanzeiger".

  • Jawbone UP Review

    Review of the personal health tracking wristband Jawbone UP for the swiss newspaper "Tagesanzeiger".