Timelapse of Building a Modulator

Timelapse Video for Ampegon about the building process of a Modulator for XFEL project.

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This video shows the timelapsed process of building pulsed klystron modulators for XFEL project at DESY in Hamburg. The European XFEL project at DESY requires 27 RF stations capable of 10 MW RF power each. Each RF station needs one high voltage modulator that generates pulses up to 12 kV and 2 kA with duration of 1.7 ms and a nominal repetition rate of 10 Hz. DESY has ordered 27 pulsed klystron modulators from Ampegon.

I shot over 20’000 RAW images with a DSLR, resulting in over 500GB of image data. Most sequences where shot with an intervall of 1 minute and some detail work was shot with 5sec interval. Due to this interval timings the video can also be rendered as a 5min extended version. Editing happened in Adobe Lightroom 5 and LRTimelapse. Video editing in Final Cut Pro X.

– Canon EOS 600D with 10-22mm Lens
– MagicLantern Firmware for stand-alone usage